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Advantages of putting a good sofa bed in your hotel

Family tourism is on the rise. More and more parents travel with their children and prefer to stay in a room that allows them to be together. A sofa bed allows hotel establishments to meet this demand, but not all are the same. That’s why several recommendations must be taken into account.

The first advantage of putting a sofa bed in the rooms is that you can charge almost double for the same room. Parents who travel with young children, and not so young, prefer to pay more for a room with four good beds than the same amount for two separate double rooms.

It is important, in order to collect the extra bed well and for the guests who sleep in it to do so with the same degree of comfort, that the sofa bed be of good quality. To do this, you must have a completely flat somier and a firm and comfortable mattress that allows a comfortable rest, just like the fixed beds. It should also have HR mattresses, latex or viscoelastic material with the same degree of comfort as fixed ones.

The bed should be made and, if possible, the pillow should have a place to stay. In addition, a good sofa bed should be easy to open and close and its structure and mechanism should be very robust and resistant to continuous use.

A fundamental requirement for a hotel sofa bed is that cushions should not be removed when you open them, as they take up a lot of space and work the room if you have to stack them on the floor every night.

Another desirable requirement is that it has contained external measures and above all that when it comes to extending the bed, it comes out from the backrest and moves only what the bed itself measures, leaving way ahead.

Upholstery care

The sofa bed should be removable and removable, which will facilitate not only the cleaning, but also the replacement of parts that are damaged with the use. Upholstery must be suffered, resistant, flaky, and washable.

The second advantage to put a sofa bed in the rooms is to prevent the movement by the hotel for extra beds, not only for the time that is lost in this task, but because these movements, innumerable destruction on the walls, the other furniture, in the frames of the doors and on the floors. A sofa bed avoids having to be changing the extra room beds and the damages that occur in this exchange.

The third advantage of putting a sofa bed in the hotel rooms is that the room becomes more habitable. The habitability of the room is often greatly diminished by placing an extra bed. Many times the circulation becomes very uncomfortable and not few very difficult. This problem is greatly reduced if we have a sofa bed, because when the beds are opened they are placed and organized in a space already destined for them and the rest of the room is organized and free of obstacles.

Three recommendations

The first recommendation is to purchase good quality bed sofas. If you notice anything the continued use in the hotel rooms, it is on the bed sofas. Note that it is the only piece of furniture that has double use and very intensive, as it is used as a seat and as a bed, and has to be handled at least twice a day. In short, it is the piece of furniture that receives the worst treatment from the clients and that is why it must be very robust and resistant, qualities impossible to obtain on cheap bed sofas.

The second recommendation is to choose well the type of sofa bed. The offer is large and varied, but, incompressibly, it is often opted for bed sofas that are not suitable for the spaces they occupy. The fundamental reason for this very common error is undoubtedly the lack of good advice from a specialist and the lack of knowledge of the wide range of space solutions that exist. This problem is aggravated when the seller has no variety of products and “places” what he has without thinking more than in his business, and not in the optimal for his customer.

Apart from the double bed sofas, there are bed sofas with little background and with little movement, bed sofas with two single beds, small single bed sofas, horizontal bed sofas, bunk bed sofas, nest bed sofas, bed pufs, bed furniture. That is, countless types to adapt to countless spaces.

The third recommendation is to find a specialist in bed sofas and let yourself be advised, not guided only by the price. We often receive emails asking us for bed sofas budgets, without giving any further explanation. These requests are too vague. We have more than 100 different models in which not only the exterior appearance of the sofa bed varies, but the most important thing: the bed system they have.

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