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An Association donates eleven sofas beds to the pediatric oncology plant of the Mother Child

There were about eleven in the morning yesterday when the expectation around the ground of pediatric oncology. Remedios Lázaro, nurse’s supervisor, and her plant mates didn’t know what was going to happen.

The magic, and surprise, arrived at the mother’s children’s Hospital when eleven new sofas beds entered the plant under the Hand of the captain Antonio Association.

This association was created following the failure of the founders ‘ son, Antonio, to overcome a brain tumor that is more common in the adult population. Now, in memory of the child, they help make the lives of the little ones who are hospitalized better.

It was last April that the agreement was signed with the collaborators who have contributed to making this dream come true. The collection needed to donate the sofas amounts to almost eleven thousand euros.

The agreement, signed at the hospital, was signed by José Antonio Montilla, then President of CajaGranada Foundation; Belén Soria and Antonio Villena, president and vice president of the captain Antonio Association; and Pilar Espejo, managing director of the Virgin of the snow University Hospital.

Both the children and the parents spend many hours in the hospital and although “at a medical level they don’t need anything, the room is still hospital,” Belén explained.

Thanks to the great dedication that Belén and Antonio have, it has been possible to make life, both for family members and patients, “more bearable”.

The first project that the association had was to introduce twelve small refrigerators into the rooms to allow a better stay of the parents inside the hospital, “the previous ones were very deteriorated”. “Although the hospital always offers a meal to the companion, the parents spend many hours there and always take something from home.”

Five minutes of happiness

Two weeks ago, the association’s second project came true. The oncology plant, thanks to the captain Antonio Association, Incorporated ice cream from the Italians to “let the children think simply about eating ice cream.”

This plan was carried out after two years, due to the medical and analytical controls involved in placing a food inside the hospital area. It was very important that one of the flavors of ice cream was out of pistachios: “whenever they asked my son what he wanted to be brought to the hospital was an ice cream of Italian pistachios.” With the help of the ice cream shop, they bring them ice cream of different flavors every day.

The granadino triathlete Juan Manuel Muñoz, ‘Chiquichurri’, offered to sponsor for five euros the kilometers he made in the UltraTri of Motril in favor of the Association Capitán Antonio. Thanks to this gesture it was possible to raise enough money to buy the children’s ice cream and especially the captain’s favorite ice cream. As a future project, they plan to personalize the pediatric oncology area of the mother and Child Hospital in Granada. What they want to achieve is to brighten the children’s rooms by decorating them with “bright colors”murals. In addition, a football memorial is held every year in Alhendín, this year will be September 15.

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