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Most expensive couches in the world

For those who like to have a fully decorated living room or where the sofa represents the central part of the stay, this will be a dream come true. Often get a good rest on the couch is priceless. But remember, these are not the usual resting places, because they …

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Pablo Iglesias sleeps on Echenique’s couch

Paul Iglesias left the Congress of Deputies dragged by the mullet, with no ministry to take to his pocket and no wallet to take to the pantry of Count Vronsky’s Palace in Galapagar, where his wife (or whatever) was waiting for him, I imagine that with the same attitude as …

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Sofa tourists arrive in Valencia

In Taiwan they also leave tapas. Mary discovered it during her time in Oslo last year. He also found that he could go around the world by bicycle and understood a little more about Kazakhstan and its controversial political and international situation. He knew closely the hard story of Zarek, …

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Lotegi renews its sofas exhibition

Lotegi furniture has just presented its new and renewed exhibition within its sofas section. As Home Furniture Specialists, they wanted to place special emphasis on one of the most important furniture of our daily life: the sofa. The new exhibition features a wide range of sofas designed by large national …

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