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Most expensive couches in the world

For those who like to have a fully decorated living room or where the sofa represents the central part of the stay, this will be a dream come true. Often get a good rest on the couch is priceless. But remember, these are not the usual resting places, because they …

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Ideal job: try sofas 10 hours a day

Anna Cherdantseva, a 26-year-old Russian girl, is a full-time sofas Tester, and spends up to 10 hours a day testing the comfort and safety of new sofas. Last month, the Russian furniture company MZ5 Group announced that it was hiring a new position: full-time Couch Tester. While all new products …

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The surfing sofas series tests our prejudices

Jorge Sierra smeared jam on his toast while thinking the response. Seconds later, he explains: “at a conference I gave in Seville after returning from my return to the world they asked me something I had not stopped hearing since my return: “do you think that the same hospitality you …

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