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Collapse at the Maternity Hospital in Santa Cruz, there are babies without a crib and even on the sofas

Maternity medical staff Percy Boland is unemployed for 72 hours until Thursday due to the overcrowding of patients, lack of health personnel and debts for services provided by private entities. This morning they went out to block on Cañoto Avenue in order to make themselves heard by the authorities.

The efforts of the workers and the capacity of the facilities have been surpassed by the many patients who come to the hospital in search of care. The duty found that there are up to three babies in a single crib and there are minors even on sofas.

Maternity workers and medical personnel are unemployed for 72 hours in protest of overcrowding in the hospital centre. The outside consultation is suspended.

Marlene Salvatierra, executive of the Union of maternity workers, explained that none of the levels of government responded to the demand nor approached to propose a solution. The leader sent a letter to the government through the Parliamentary Brigade, but no reply was received either.

The government is requested to provide servocunas and the mayor’s Office to pay private debts for health benefits.

The external consultation is suspended because of unemployment and there is only emergency care.

  • Maternity did not grow according to the population development of Santa Cruz; therefore, it is necessary to expand and modernize the infrastructure and equipment with 100 intensive care units, in addition to the 50 existing ones.
  • The staff is inadequate. At least 100 items are required for doctors and nurses.
  • Prenatal check-ups are failing in first and second level hospitals because, otherwise, prematurez cases were not so frequent.
  • There is a social phenomenon that needs to be investigated: the increase in premature mothers between the ages of 10 and 15, people who are biologically unprepared to be mothers.
  • In administrative and financial management, the maternity authorities have not been able to collect a Bs 14 million debt from the municipality for the benefits provided to patients of the second level, which prevents the reinvestment of this income in their most basic needs.

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