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Ideal job: try sofas 10 hours a day

Anna Cherdantseva, a 26-year-old Russian girl, is a full-time sofas Tester, and spends up to 10 hours a day testing the comfort and safety of new sofas.

Last month, the Russian furniture company MZ5 Group announced that it was hiring a new position: full-time Couch Tester. While all new products are put to the test in a specialized laboratory, the management decided that, in order to better meet the needs of consumers, they needed information about the real life use of their sofas. Within a few days, MZ5 received more than 5,000 job applications from people eager to spend most of their time lying in armchairs.

We were selected candidates in several stages, said the spokesperson for the MZ5 group. At first we checked his CVS, and then we let them tell us why they wanted the job.Over time, the furniture company reduced the list to only 7 candidates, of whom Anna Cherdantseva, a 26-year-old marketing expert, turned out to be the most suitable for the job.

I felt it was an extreme competition, a real struggle for the work of my dreams, Anna said after being selected. I have a lot of ideas to improve sofas, but I’d rather not talk about them for now. I think everything’s gonna be okay between me and the couches.

Although she describes herself as an active person, Cherdantseva says spending about 10 hours a day sitting on couches is not bad at all. Of course I’m going to spend a lot of time on the new sofas, the more time I spend on them, the better for my job, he said.

Anna Cherdantseva is currently in a three-month trial period in MZ5, but the company states that whenever she proves to be up to the task, they plan to offer her a permanent position as a sofas Tester. The young woman will receive a monthly salary of 56,000 rubles (USD 1,000) during the first three months. Not bad for literally sitting around all day.

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