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Ikea changes movie seats to sofas

The Swedish furniture and decoration giant has undertaken one of its actions in cinemas, this time in Spain, where it will offer during the month of May, sofas instead of seats so that attendees to 16 cinemas and Yelmo cinemas can enjoy the films by testing their pieces of furniture. An action, which with other pieces, has also carried out Ikea in other countries with great surprise for the attendees.

In the case of Spain, it is a question that the customers of the cinemas, can also experience this homely atmosphere that aims to transmit the brand through a set of furniture and accessories, typical of a house.

“The living room reflects the rhythm of the times we live in and needs to change in order to adapt to the new and different needs of people in their homes. The challenge we have set ourselves is Could the salon even become integrated into a cinema? We believe that yes and the maximum expression is the Ikea Room”, explained Sandra Gálvez, Country media & PR Manager of Ikea in Spain

This type of action has been carried out by Ikea in other countries, such as Russia (2014), where he replaced in the cinema of the village of Khimki, the seats with matrimonial beds but this time without warning the attendees, while in Malaysia he replaced the seats with beanbags in 2012.

In the case of Spain, in order to enjoy this experience, it will be enough to attend the indicated establishments and to buy-at normal price – the entrance, at the same time that the seller is asked to have the option “sofa Ikea” as well as if the purchase is made through the website of the cinema.

The 16 participating cinemas in this action are: Cinesa Marineda City, Cinesa Intu Asturias, Cinesa Diagonal Mar, Cinesa Diagonal, Cinesa La Maquinista, Cinesa Max Leisure, Cinesa La Gavia, Cinesa Las Rozas Cinesa Projections, Cinesa Nueva Condomina, Cinesa Plaza de Armas, Cinesa Bonaire, Cinesa La Cañada Cinesa Port of Venice, Helm Cinemas South Area and Helm Cinemas Plaza mayor.


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