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Keys to choosing a best sofa

There is no greater protagonist of the salons than a sofa, so you have to know how to choose it, not in vain the sofa will be, besides a resting place, the cinema seat and the place to get lost reading or spend a good time chatting.

The structure of the sofa must be robust and of course aesthetic, so that it is perfectly integrated and even put its personality note inside the house or the place where it is to be installed.

The upholstery is another factor to consider when choosing a sofa, but according to a reference shop in the sofas furniture sector in Pamplona, with more than 30 years of experience, customers usually obey two parameters, the first is the comfort of the sofa and the second its design.

People who are going to buy a couch sit on them. This is an important step because it will be used to be in it, but they also want the furniture to be distinguished from others by its appearance. A bad design can completely ruin a stay or give it an unbeatable look, hence the color of the upholstery must be taken into account. The white color, for example, will give more light to the environment.

Sofas must meet the needs of all family members

There are tricks to know if a sofa is resistant or not, such as lifting a leg off the floor and checking if the others are also raised or on the contrary are lower. A strong, wooden sofa will respond with the legs raised to the same level and the most deficient, no.

Before you acquire one, you will have to measure the room well and know how many people will use it every day. Having the dimensions everything is easier. Just because the sofa is going to be very protagonist, it is better to opt for the most minimalist and not the ones with high backups that can give a sense of drowning.

And it is important to follow these tips when trying to check the comfort of a sofa: sitting on it we must make sure that the hips do not sink more than the knees are, because if this is the case it will be difficult to get on, something that makes it very difficult to move in older people or people with mobility problems.

Tricks to choose a good sofa and avoid bad postures

When we support the back on the back of a sofa, the feet must continue to touch the ground; and when the back is leaning on a backrest, the lower part of it must be protected, otherwise we will slide down.

When sitting on it, the edge of the sofa should not press the inside of the knee and finally the armrests should be at the elbow level, as if they are lower they can create back problems with bad postures.

Choosing a good sofa is choosing a silent companion of life, plus a fundamental piece of furniture, so the design is very important, because it will talk about us and give personality to the living room, the place where so many hours and very important are spent.

Sofas with place to store things, with adapted technology or with various uses, such as the sofa bed will add pluses, but if you have a large house it is better that each piece does its job well and have one for each use.

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