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Large sofa bed nest of crosses in the Ribeiro apartments

Just a few meters from the beach of Areas, in the beautiful natural surroundings of Sanxenxo, the Ribeiro apartments have completed the refurbishment of their quadruple rooms by installing the magnificent sofa bed model Mallorca of the Cruces brand.

Two years ago these sofa beds were installed in half of the quadruple rooms and recently the rest of the rooms have been completed with the same sofa bed and in the same upholstery.

The sofa bed model Mallorca has two single and independent beds. Its comfort is comparable to that of any standard fixed bed.

It is a model of great robustness and resistant to the continuous use of hotels. The two beds with which it is equipped are 80 x 190 cm and its mattress is high density HR in which you sleep with the same comfort as in a fixed bed.

Its structure is doubly reinforced by a double ring on which the upper somier is articulated, equipped with a simple mechanism that allows the use of the upper bed without the need to remove the cushions from the backrest. The bottom bed has wheels to pull it out from under the other bed and also has a lever that allows to lift it from the ground to the same height as the other without any effort.

The hotel Ribeiro De Sanxenxo chose a chocolate tapestry, resistant and suffering, very suitable for a hotel sofa bed.

The finish of this sofa bed Nest is exceptional, as all seams are sewn with double pespunte, the padding of the reinforced cover and the upholstery details have been taken care of to give a great packing.

We thank hotel Ribeiro for the trust in our quality bed sofas and wish you success in your business.

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