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Lotegi renews its sofas exhibition

Lotegi furniture has just presented its new and renewed exhibition within its sofas section. As Home Furniture Specialists, they wanted to place special emphasis on one of the most important furniture of our daily life: the sofa.

The new exhibition features a wide range of sofas designed by large national manufacturers. The section is divided by different models: the electric ones, which stand out for their comfort;the modern ones, for their design more aimed at young people;and finally, the classics.
On the other hand, they also include a range of convertible sofas in bed, Italian system and, this time, with viscoelastic mattress. Inside the sofa-bed models, there is a specific type that with a slight movement becomes a bed of 200×140 cm, besides being especially comfortable, there is a fabulous bed.

Lotegi also offers the possibility to manufacture all its models in different sizes and different fabrics: more classic, more modern and even fabrics of exclusive design.

20 years ago the company, located in the Abendaño 10 estate of Zarautz, is characterized, according to its managers,”for having been making the houses real homes for more than 20 years”. It stands out in the sector for its professionalism, especially in the furnishing of marriage and youth homes and dormitories. In addition, they also carry out projects of decoration and personalized advice with various experts.
It has a space of more than 1,000 square meters, in which you can appreciate a wide variety of ideas to decorate different environments and its main objective is that anyone can access a good furniture. They therefore offer a wide range of articles and prices.

The origin of their products is also another aspect to highlight. Almost all the furniture comes from Spanish areas such as Castellón, Galicia, Murcia, Toledo and Valencia, as well as Euskadi. “Ours is a company that bets on the product here,” they emphasize from Lotegi. Being furniture of national manufacture, they have the total guarantee of the manufacturer himself, in addition to offering customers who come to the store the possibility to test them.

The long business history of this company zarauztarra has enabled many consumers to become loyal and come especially in search of the best advice and support.

To check on site all your offer, the person responsible recommends coming from Monday to Saturday, from 10.00 am to the abendaño 10 estate of Zarautz, and thus appreciate firsthand the new and wide selection of furniture they offer. liter

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