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Modernise your living room with a chaiselongue sofa

When furnishing the living room it is necessary to know the possibilities offered by a furniture shop and home decoration. The heart of our living room is the sofa, meeting space, leisure, rest and food where we all spend several hours a day. To choose a good sofa you have to take into account many variables such as its comfort, its amplitude and the quality of its materials. All these features must be accompanied by a good choice of colors to maintain the correct aesthetic design of the stay.

There are many types of sofa. At our parents ‘ house we have been able to enjoy the classic basic sofas of 2 and 3 places, a safe option that provides a sober and simple look in the room. Each family has its own needs and preferences. The most classic style sofas are back on the rise thanks to Chester models, which have a backrest and curved arms. The most useful sofa for any living room, is the sofa bed, the multifunction that can save the day when we have unexpected visitors or come Family and friends to see us.

The perfect sofa depends on each profile. Molimobel, a furniture store with great experience in the sale of sofas in the province of Granada, offers us a type of sofa that never fails in small and large rooms, the sofas shaped like ‘L’, which we can find in the models rinconera and chaiselongue. These sofas are spacious, versatile and valid for homes with many members and look great without occupying a large space in the room.

The characteristics of the chaiselongue

The chaiselongue is a clear example of how to add a touch of elegance to the living room of any home. This type of sofa can have two to several beds and can be adapted to any style of design without forgetting the comfort. These seats consist of a row of seats distributed in the form of ‘L’. One of its sides is long and is accompanied by a second shorter section. It is, in the words of Molimobel, the “king of comfort”, thanks to its breadth and the possibility of being occupied by several people.

Sometimes a chaiselongue can be confused with couches in rinconera, another fantastic option. While the rinconera sofa has a back-up in both sections, the French sofa only has a back-up on the long side, while the short one only has a small highlight. The choice of one type of sofa or another will depend on the size of our living room.

If the buyer has two long empty walls, the rinconera sofa will occupy that space with its two backups. On the other hand, if you are in one of the walls a window, a painting or simply want your sofa to have a side in the air, the chaiselongue is the ideal choice. Both options, to be chosen according to their criteria, are the most sold in recent years thanks to their popularization and tendency in many design magazines.

In Molimobel they have a wide selection of sofas designed in ‘L’, with different characteristics such as sliding seats, reclining head or chest to store blankets, cushions or items for the living room.

The importance of proper rest

A quality sofa is synonymous with comfort. Rest on a spacious sofa with a versatile ‘L’ shape allows you to sit, recline, lean or lie in a comfortable position. There are many models and a wide variety of colors and materials with great firmness thanks to their filling. The right size of your seats for any physiognomy can be accompanied by cushions and cushions that further improve the relaxation you can get on a magnificent sofa of your choice.

Rest well is beneficial to health. The time we spend on the couch, whether sitting or lying down, should bring maximum benefit, recovering body and mind. A sofa that helps relax the muscles and soothe any kind of pain is the goal that every buyer should have when choosing the sofa for his or her living room.

Get the best comfort for you and yours. Go to your nearest Molimobel shop in the Metropolitan Area of Granada. Discover the latest trends in sofas and other furniture for the home in Avenida Fernando de los Ríos 19, next to Hyperdeluz, and encrretera de Córdoba, kilometer 431. Renew your break at Molimobel.

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