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Pablo Iglesias sleeps on Echenique’s couch

Paul Iglesias left the Congress of Deputies dragged by the mullet, with no ministry to take to his pocket and no wallet to take to the pantry of Count Vronsky’s Palace in Galapagar, where his wife (or whatever) was waiting for him, I imagine that with the same attitude as Boabdil’s mother the boy was waiting for his baby after the loss of Granada. I guess the most beautiful thing Irene Montero, the former hypermarket teller with wet (happily frustrated) dreams of vice president of the government, told Pablo Iglesias, must have been something like, ” Don’t cry like a fucking progre that you haven’t been able to defend like a communist male-alpha. go to sleep on Echenique’s couch.

Those who do not believe in the transcendent attribute everything to chance, to the charambolas of chance or, the most “mystical” of the agnostics, to that cursilada that they have called Poetic Justice. As I do believe in the transcendent, which is the hand that writes history, I attribute to him the immense happiness that on July 25, the day of Santiago, brought me the resounding failure of the investiture of Pedro Sánchez, to the direct intervention of the Spanish patron who, as it is in his own nature, what are we going to do to him! you don’t want to see your work shattered and torn to shreds at the hands of a horde of botarates with their heads full of bullshit and their pockets full of ambition.

To this end, the Apostle Santiago lit little but enough light on Pedro Sánchez to stand firm in the face of the demands of the Bolshevik bacteria that threatened, like the medieval Black Death, to infest and kill the host government and give the nation the shot of grace. Thanks be given to the patron of Spain for illuminating little but enough the will of Pedro Sánchez, and for clouding the very few neurons that, like lice, inhabit the ponytail of Pablo iglesias, because inside the cranial vault of the Bolshevik bacterium there is nothing, except the bloody buttocks of Mariló Montero, according to his own explicit confession.

Pedro Sánchez’s incompetence is immeasurable, Pablo Iglesias ‘ incompetence is cosmic and his stupidity is infinite. The communist leaders that Spain, and the world, have suffered have all been criminals, genocidaires and thieves… but none have been foolish. Asshole. Until the debut of Paul Iglesias, whose political paradigms, from Lenin to Pol Pot, would have given him a “walk” for a fool. The Bolshevik bacterium with a ponytail is the first communist in history to throw overboard the certain possibility of entering (Have you read Antonio Gramsci, you idiot?) in a socialist government for infestarlo, break it down and assault the absolute power from the offices of power that the cowardly social-democratic or socialist, has carpeting always the communists from that, back in the III International, the bolsheviks were invented the successful formula policy of the people’s Fronts to seize power in western countries allying with the soft socialists.

On July 25, The Feast of Santiago Apóstol, the Huns podemitas could have entered the Government of Pedro Sánchez. It was enough that a tactical yes had been lied to at the last investiture session,and for a communist to lie is like breathing. They have not lied and drowned (what happiness!) in his stupidity.

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