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Sets of sofas for terraces and gardens that you can buy for less than 500 eu

I confess that it has not been easy to find couches at a price of less than 500 euros. There are some very large sets whose size justifies their price, but in other cases it is surprising that even in the shops we can consider “low cost” (see Ikea or Leroy Merlin), the prices of their fantastic chaise lounge will impress you.

Therefore, if you have a large garden or terrace (lucky you), you will see them and wish to fill it at a reasonable price. Mind you, if you’re one of those who has a small terrace or a small balcony, don’t give up filling it with some comfortable piece.

Don’t be afraid that there is a very fair step left to place a comfortable chair or sofa, which you will enjoy relaxing in the open air comfortably will make you forget the right step. After all, the terraces are to be enjoyed to the fullest.


It is where we have found the solutions of larger sets, so that you do not give up comfort if your problem is not lack of space.


You have many options to choose from but we do not find many sets for less than 500 eu.


In Carrefour we find a lot of outdoor furniture and it becomes an option to consider.

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