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Tell me what your living room looks like and I’ll tell you what couch you need.

Showing off a nice and balanced decoration in the living room will be easy if you know how to choose the sofa well, something you will get if you apply these tricks and tips.

The couch is the heart of any living room. This is a reality. And choosing this piece of furniture wrong can have consequences for the decoration: turn a large dining room into a seemingly smaller area, make it impossible to pass through the room or leave one of your guests without a seat.

Which couch fits best in every living room

To avoid any of these problems, we have selected which sofa fits best with each type of living room. From large furniture to smaller alternatives, to the practical sofas on L, here you will find everything you need.

Big room? Two sofas

You constantly have people at home and you don’t want anyone to run out of seats. As you enjoy a fairly large living room, you can afford two sofas. In addition, this decision will help to fill the space well and make it a much more welcoming area.

A sofa in L is very practical

They are the most practical sofas to take advantage of the corners of your living room. If you have straight walls and you don’t have large windows in them, this formula will work for you. In addition, this trick can be effective both in medium or large rooms and in small rooms.

Sofa and armchair, the perfect duo

Your living room may not fit the above definition: it has large windows that you logically do not want to cover or has rounded walls. In that case, don’t despair, you have one alternative. You will need to place a smaller sofa and have one or more seats that take up less space but fill in the seats you need when you get visitors. So, the room will be balanced and everyone will have where to sit.

Small living room with two seats

The Last Chance is that you have an extremely small living room. A stay that may not exceed 10 square meters, but where you have to place the dining table. But it won’t be all lost: the armchairs will come to the rescue and allow you to watch the TV in an equally comfortable way.

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