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The furniture, these other inhabitants of the house of Big Brother

In April 2000, Big Brother broadcasts began in Telecinco, the Spanish version of the Big Brother format and the reality that has had the most audience for more than twenty years, twenty years of participants of all kinds and where the house and each of its estancias ended up gaining prominence as if they were one more character, from the confessional to the living room to the more torrid scenes in the bedrooms, the hidden spaces, the garden or that place prone to group discussions called Kitchen.

Each room thus became a showcase for the prime time or for the 24-hour follow-up of the program, and companies in the furniture, textile or lighting sector found in Big Brother’s house a new way to showcase their product. The product placement of the series or the cinema applied to the telerreality where sofas, lamps or duvets sometimes became more prominent than the contestants who behaved like real furniture. Were the other inhabitants of the house of Big Brother.

These contestants came and went and most of their names ended up losing themselves like tears in the rain, between replicators and telebasura sets, but Editing after editing (and they go more than twenty) and enduring numerals and variations of nomenclatures (reunion, vip, revolution…) the already famous house of Guadalix became an alternative showcase for the habitat sector and Big Brother was thus historical niche in which companies of the Valencian Community promoted their products year after year until they became icons for a very concrete and faithful audience (target, in commercial jargon).

It is true that this target did not augur very well as the format itself went down according to the profile of its participants, focused also on the youth audience, but the decoration of the House of Big Brother and the furniture that inhabit it respond to trends over the years, as if a Pinterest fashion board were being treated, with fans in anticipation of the new developments of each year. Sometimes by marketing, sometimes at the request of the producer or by aligned planets, placing a piece in the house meant ending the stock of the house, as was the case with the first famous cases of edredoning under Nordic covers of a textile company of Ontinyent that resulted in commercial pacts and in the emergence of online shops dedicated exclusively to the sale of objects appearing in the reality. We buy what we’re told, especially if a celebrity does. And Big Brother’s House is very famous (and inside everything is magnified).

Year after year, Valencian companies of the habitat have highlighted in this royal decoration that was the dwelling of the Sierra de Guadalix, although with each new edition the program renewed the interior, the brands, aware of the success, continued to exhibit other pieces to move them in the modern furniture market in a subtle way. Often risky pieces, full of color and very decorative, common denominators of the catalogue in which he has become Big Brother. One of the most well-remembered cases of success precisely because of its decorative role and the repetition in successive editions came in 2010 with the company Lagrama, from Vinaròs (Castellón), with its star Avatar collection that allowed to personalize the furniture, something that reality exploited through the illustrator Diego Latorre, also vinarocense. In this case it was the company that contacted the company to order the design of the furniture, extending this commercial relationship in other editions as in the 12+1 with armariadas and drawers of colors, sets of cubes for storage in the bedroom and modular shelves for the dressing room of the house in 2012.

The previous edition, that of 2011, incorporated a second mysterious house, the so-called Spy House to match the contest, and in it, the Valencian studio Sanserif Creatius participated ceding some pieces developed entirely in corrugated cardboard, from stools to paper mills to their Bold seats, a series of products created to raise awareness and contribute environmental values, developed in collaboration with the Valencian firm of La Plana Group.

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