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The mistakes you must avoid when buying the furniture in the living room

I go back to the Álava Dmoda section to give you some advice that may be useful to you in your home. If in the first article I offered you some recommendations that could help you to renovate your house or buy one to rent, on this occasion, I bring you some keys so that you don’t make a mistake when you buy the furniture in the living room.

The first step to avoid errors with the furniture is to purchase them from large to small and not to rush shopping. First of all, measure and plan. With a little plan it is always easier to hit and now there are several simple apps for your mobile or computer that help you with it. If we want to get an idea of how the pieces will look in the living room as a whole, we can take the measurements and make a simulation by marking the table boundaries on the ground with some insulating tape. So we can see if it is too tight or if we have enough space.

Television furniture

Locating the TV cabinet and the sofa is usually the most complicated thing. In this case, for the furniture that will house the TV I Recommend or a low and light piece if there is little space or a shelf as it also serves as a bookstore. If you choose this last option, white or light tones will never fail, but if you prefer it to be dark color it is advisable to have plenty of space and natural light.

Space for TV

Too much space you need to save.

The sofa should be provided

When choosing a sofa, the fundamental question to consider is how many people are going to sit on it. Although the exact measurement depends on the model, on a generic level the 3-seater sofas are about 2 meters long and the 2-seater sofas between 1.65 and 1.80 meters long. If your decision is to choose a large four-seater sofa, think that you will need a space of at least 40 square meters in the living room.

It is essential to respect Pass areas. Between the center table and the sofa there must be at least 40 centimeters, this distance will allow us to move our legs comfortably.

On the other hand, if the living room and dining room share space, use the back of the furniture to mark areas. At least it leaves 90 centimeters behind the chairs. Other measures to be taken into account would be seat and back-up. You might prefer a sofa with a great seat depth or a higher or lower backrest. These questions already depend on your feeling of comfort.

Watch out for the chaise longue!

A sofa with ‘chaise longue’ can bring you many advantages, but you always have to take into account the space of our living room. The ‘chaise longue’ should not make it difficult for us to pass or generate strange journeys in our living room. If our space is small it is better to opt for a ‘puf’ that can do the function of supporting the feet.

With respect to the side tables, they should also be provided to the size of the sofa, but you can choose to put a table only on one side and on the other a standing lamp to save space. The height of these will depend on the height of the sofa.

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