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These are the qualities you must have a sofa

After a long summer it’s time to get back to the routine, but it doesn’t have to be negative. With the winter also comes the time to make one of the plans par excellence (and that we like most): sofa, movies and blanket. But for that you’ll need to have the right furniture. We have spoken with Flexform to find the model that gathers all the qualities necessary to spend a most comfortable winter.

We are interested in the latest trends in fashion, beauty, culture… but also the decoration. And there is no better way to know them than through a specialized company like Flexform.

Of all the furniture that is in a home, in which we usually spend the most hours (besides in bed) is on the sofa. We watch television, read and can even work with our portatil, hence it is so important to find the right one. One that is comfortable, beautiful and that lasts in time. These qualities reside in the 10-year-old Cestone model.

Antonio Citterio, its designer, says, ” time is an inflexible judge and it dedicates to oblivion everything that is devoid of authentic content. Not so for the sofa basket, which is based on a design concept that still has great relevance today and on structural details of value that place it beyond fashion.”This model celebrates its tenth anniversary, something that, as the designer States, is not a matter of chance.

The sofa basket combines the qualities of the perfect sofa. From the inside, where both the back and the sides are formed by metal frames covered with braided leather carefully. An expert craftsman checks that there are no imperfections in the leather retal and this braid will be topped by precise stitches and fixed with alum buttons. The base of the sofa has a Polyurethane Filling, which makes the seat back and cushions soft.

In addition to comfort, the beauty factor is also important. Being made of leather, this sofa will give your home a timeless elegance, which thanks to its properties of high flexibility and indeformability will last you indefinitely. And don’t worry about the color, because among the 13 different shades (4 of them in front), you will find the one that fits with the design of your home.

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