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They abandon a puppy on their couch in the middle of a deserted road

Sharon Norton is an animal control officer from Brookhaven, a small population of just 12,000 in Mississippi, in the southern United States. Last Monday he received a call to approach a secondary road in the area when he found a painting that, he says, he will never forget: an abandoned puppy next to a sofa waiting for its owners.

The dog, about four months old, was on the side of the road, sitting quietly and waiting for them to pick him up again. It looked like he was being talked into staying on his favorite couch while being promised they’d come back for him. But that never happened. Next to the animal and the furniture they had also left an abandoned television.

Sharon explained to Today that the poor animal ” had gone four or five days without eating. It was skeletal.” He thinks it’s a cross between a hunting dog and a Doberman: “I was too scared because it was a strange area. It’s a deserted road. On both sides there are only forests.” Luck had it that the puppy did not go towards a nearby highway, as the consequences would have been enormous.

Karma will find you

The animal did not trust Sharon at first and did not want to leave the couch, but his rescuer managed to earn his trust by giving him some food. Finally, she convinced him to go with her to her van and noticed how she was happily moving her tail behind her: “I was happy because I knew I was going to get food. He was rescued and is safe.

Sharon Norton is, in addition to being an animal officer, a veterinary technician, so she bathed the puppy and provided him with the first medical attention. He named it La-Z-Boy Gatson, a famous American furniture brand that specializes in reclining couches like the one he was waiting for.

The woman, a true guardian angel for the puppy, wanted to send a message to the person who left him from his Facebook account: “to the person who threw this couch, your pet was waiting for you to come back, starving. Because I was afraid to leave the chair to get food. It’s a shame you’re doing this to this puppy… but one day, Karma will meet you.

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